July 25, 2021

The best Boston Red Sox players for each uniform number (Over the Monster)

We are going back through Red Sox history for this Memorial Day, but not by position or era or anything like that. Instead, today we’re going to look through the vast history of uniform numbers in franchise history. The Red Sox have been wearing numbers on their uniforms since 1931, and have issued numbers ranging from 0 all the way up to 94. Today’s task: Find the best player for each number. Shoutout to our friends at Royals Review for this one. I straight up stole this idea from them. Also shoutout to Baseball-Reference for their list of players by uniform number.

0: Brandon Phillips (2018)

Phillips is the only player who has worn number zero in franchise history. He played only nine games for the Red Sox and posted a 42 OPS+, but he also had one of the most memorable moments from that regular season.

1: Bobby Doerr (1938-1951)

Doerr’s number one is retired, which almost (you’ll see later why I say almost) guarantees him the nod. One of the best players in franchise history, he was a key cog in Boston’s successful 1940s clubs. Bernie Carbo also wore number one.

2: Xander Bogaerts (2014-Present)

Bogaerts is certainly a worthy name on this list, and given how…

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