July 24, 2021

The Memorial Day Massacre, 2017. Astros Crush Twins 16-8 (The Crawfish Boxes)

Today is Memorial Day. Let us here remember those who made the Final Sacrifice to secure the freedom of our country.

On Memorial Day, May 29th, 2017, the Astros made us dare to believe. Even though coming into the series with the Twins their record was 35 and 16, after 55 years of disappointment, it was hard to believe that even the 2017 Astros would fare any better than previous Astros heartbreakers.

In the eighth inning of the Memorial Day Massacre we got the first inkling that the the 2017 Astros were, indeed, a team of destiny, a team we could believe in. It was the first game in a three game series, a series the Astros swept, scoring 39 runs, with 10 homers, and 84 total bases.

It may have been the most magnificent series sweep in Astros history.

Following is a Game Recap of this important milestone in the Astros’ 2017 championship run.

May 29th, 2017. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Houston Astros, in their most impressive display of offensive firepower all season, overcame an 8-2 deficit starting the eighth inning to eventually prevail 16-8. It was the most runs the first place Astros have scored all season, and the 11 run eighth inning their biggest inning of the…

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