July 25, 2021

Why Fans Cry Because of Sports (Federal Baseball)

What is it about sports that make fans and players emotional? It’s just a game, after all. It’s a bunch of adults on a field or court playing what is, in essence, a children’s game. ]

Yet, there have been countless instances throughout the history of sport that have brought otherwise rational and intelligent adults to tears.

For the players, it’s easy to see why they might be emotional and even begin to cry.

Generally, it’s a product of them reaching the conclusion of their careers, or perhaps the ups and downs of a rigorous season culminating in a championship appearance, only to lose.

Remember when Adam Morrison dropped to the court after Gonzaga’s Sweet 16 loss to UCLA? He had to be consoled by head coach Mark Few. That was Morrison’s final year in college basketball, and Gonzaga was good. They were a three seed, and UCLA was a two seed. The Bulldogs lost 73-71.

While Morrison was the recipient of plenty of jokes from opposing teams’ fans, those with more humanity understood what was lost for Morrison on the floor that night. It was a young man whose journey in one part of life was coming to an end.

That’s easy enough for us to see. Think of it this…

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