July 25, 2021

Will the Rockies always be underdogs? (Purple Row)

There have been lots of highs and lows in the 27-year existence of the Colorado Rockies. Great players, bad deals and trades, epic wins, gut-wrenching loses. Managers have come and gone, as have losing seasons and winning seasons. But one thing has stayed the same: the underdog status of the Colorado Rockies. This week, as SB Nation’s theme is underdogs, it leaves us with the question: Will the Rockies always be underdogs?

First, you would have to define what it means to be a permanent underdog. This is obviously subjective and please add your thoughts in the comments if you would define an underdog differently. I think underdog mean teams who are not perennial playoff contenders, either year in and year out or for the majority of a decade, and/or do not have any World Series titles. The idea being that when an underdog makes it to the playoffs, they are not favored and it would be fairly shocking for them to make a run, or even win a series.

I think the Rockies are perma-underdogs. There are five reasons that have helped cement this status: being an expansion team, playing at altitude, playing in the NL West, the midsize market and media realities, and the…

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