July 24, 2021

World Series of Arizona Diamondbacks: 2004 @ 2007 (AZ Snakepit)


EDIT: Due to a typo by Jack, Tracy ended up at SS and Cintron at 3b. Was supposed to be the other way around. However I didn’t realize my error until after Jim ran the sim and wrote the recap. So we let it ride. 😉

In 2007 the Diamondbacks had one of the strangest runs in modern history. Despite a weak offense and negative run differential, they scrapped their way to 90 win in the regular season, a full 11 games better than their Pythagorean W-L record would suggest. This is a record for a division winner.

The combination of excellent pitching, a strong bullpen, and timely hitting propelled them to a 32-20 record in 1 run games. The team’s spiritual leader was Tony Clark, who authored the phrase “Anybody Anytime”. Indeed, they managed to get the big hits at just the right times on a continual basis. Despite ranking 15th in the league in OPS+ (82), they ranked 4th in the NL in OPS in High Leverage Situations and ranked 5th OPS in Late & Close Situations. Flukey or not, sustainable or not, this team managed to…

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