July 24, 2021

A first look at a possible 2020 Cubs 30-man roster and 20-man taxi squad (Bleed Cubbie Blue)

Buried in this New York Post article by Joel Sherman from a couple of weeks ago detailing some of the disagreements between players and owners is this nugget about how MLB team rosters might be constructed in an abbreviated 2020 season:

The current plan calls for either 78 or 82 games, regional play by which teams play exclusively in their division and their crossover division (thus, AL East vs. NL East) to limit travel and both the rosters and the playoffs are expanded — I heard a strong possibility of 30 players available daily with a 20-player taxi squad staying ready if needed and a postseason of 14 teams rather than 10.

There’s not going to be a minor-league season, so the 30 (up from 26) players “available daily” and the 20-player “taxi squad” would consist, most probably, of the top players in teams’ minor-league systems, the guys teams want to get somewhat regular play in 2020. They’d likely wind up playing intrasquad games of some sort to be able to stay ready to stand in, in case of injury or fatigue. It still isn’t clear how roster moves would be regulated this year, but it seems doubtful that teams would be forced to send a player to the “taxi…

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