July 25, 2021

A Memorial Day with no Orioles baseball was pretty jarring (Camden Chat)

Good morning, Camden Chatters.

It’s now been 75 days since MLB was shut down, and 61 since what would have been Opening Day. Yesterday, the Orioles would have reached the one-third mark in their 2020 schedule by playing their 54th game. They would have returned home from a 10-game road trip to begin a week of games at Camden Yards, starting with a Memorial Day afternoon contest against the White Sox. Instead…


It’s a scary world out there right now, for all sorts of reasons that are far more serious than baseball being on hold. But baseball being on hold sure doesn’t make things any better. Missing out on something that has been a mainstay for the last 140 years really drives home the point about how much this all sucks.

Normally in this space, I concoct an elaborate storyline about how the Orioles would be faring in a parallel universe where COVID-19 doesn’t exist, with increasingly wacky things happening like the Orioles hitting 11 home runs in a game or signing a bunch of 50-year-old ex-players to lead them to victory.

But in…

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