July 26, 2021

Agreement between MLB and players on a 2020 season needs to come soon (Bless You Boys)

After weeks of of heated public and private discussion, Major League Baseball is finally prepared to offer a comprehensive economic plan to the players’ union for a proposed 82 game season. Per Jeff Passan of ESPN, the league will deliver the plan sometime this week, and possibly as early as Tuesday.

As a result, within a week or so, we should have an idea whether the league has found their way to a proposal that will be acceptable to MLBPA head Tony Clark and the players, at least in the broad strokes. If things go well, you can expect preparations for a preseason training camp to kick into high gear almost immediately, with baseball little more than a month away. If they don’t, well we’re back to the drawing board with the possibility that no agreement will be possible in time to meet the proposed timetable of an 82 game season beginning in July.

Both sides have reason to make this work, so it shouldn’t come to that, but the pandemic has only sharpened an increasingly contentious relationship between MLB and the MLBPA. With the current collective bargaining agreement expiring at year’s end anyway, negotiations can’t help but have the flavor of long-term…

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