July 25, 2021

Blue Jays‘ Favourite Player: Right Field (Bluebird Banter)

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We continue our tour around the diamond, trying to determine your favourite player for each position. Today is the final of the starting 8 positions, right field. It’s a field crowded with some of the most memorable and best players in franchise history, so your decision might be a tough one.

Otto Velez (1977-1982)

The Blue Jays took Velez from the Yankees as the 53rd pick in the 1976 expansion draft, the fourth to last pick for the Blue Jays in the draft. While he wasn’t a full time outfielder (or player for that matter) Velez starts off our list here because he was fairly potent with the bat. In 1843 career PA with the Jays, he has the second highest wRC+ among right fielders with at least 500 plate appearances, checking in with a very respectable 127 mark.

Otto the Swatto began his career with the Blue Jays on opening day in 1977 as the DH and bating cleanup, going 2-4 and getting a good start on his way to winning the American League Player of the Month award for the for April. He hit a very impressive .442 with 5 HR and 18 RBI in 21 games.

Velez holds the distinction of being the first Blue Jay to ever hit 3 home runs…

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