July 24, 2021

Braves Flashback/Recap: May 26 – Talking Chop (Talking Chop)

Yesterday, we covered a game started by Greg Maddux and ended by John Smoltz that featured three homers, but very few runs. Today, let’s stick with that, but also not stick with it. This is a game started by Greg Maddux, ended by John Smoltz, featuring five homers, but quite a lot of runs. It also features homers by some unlikely candidates. It was good fun.

The gist: The Braves jumped ahead very early thanks to… Keith Lockhart?! He scored the game’s first run on a Darren Bragg RBI triple, and then, the next inning, hit a three-run homer to give the Braves a 5-0 lead. The Reds chased Maddux with three straight two-out extra-base hits in the sixth, including a Corky Miller homer (?!?!?), but the Braves immediately hit back-to-back bombs when they got a chance. The Reds managed one more two-run homer off Smoltz in the ninth, but ended up losing by two runs.

Box scores: Baseball-Reference, Fangraphs

The set-up: The 2002 Braves were just finding their footing. After a 12-15 April, they were 4.5 games back and in fourth place in the division. But, they’d lost just one series so far in May, bringing them to one game above .500 at 25-24, and just a game out of the division…

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