July 24, 2021

Camden Chat 2020 Orioles sim: Hunter Harvey is back from the injured list (again) (Camden Chat)

While there is no real MLB action to occupy our time, we are running a 2020 Orioles simulation using Out of the Park Baseball. A free copy of the game was provided to Camden Chat.

When last we left our simulated Orioles, we were finally caught up to real time. The team stumbled a bit against the first place Rays but has been pleasantly surprising, at least compared to last year’s winning percentage, with a 20-29 record.

The roster merry-go-round keeps on spinning. Simulated Cole Sulser is back on the shuttle down to Norfolk since he didn’t do very well in this stint and he’s old enough that it’s not like we’re worried about whether the constant trips between Baltimore and Norfolk will hamper the development of a prospect. Sulser was sent down to make room for Hunter Harvey, who just pitched a couple of successful rehab outings for Norfolk.

Other than that, things have stayed stable, though whether it will remain stable is to be seen. Wade LeBlanc is on the verge of getting sent to the great DFA in the sky. I’m trying to will the simulated Ryan Mountcastle to at least get an OBP over .300 at Norfolk so I can feel like I’m not just indulging my own whims in…

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