July 24, 2021

Cincinnati Reds Draft Preview – Austin Hendrick, OF (Red Reporter)

While the coronavirus pandemic has thoroughly altered the world as we know it, let alone the baseball world as we know it, there are signs that a return to play is in the cards for later this summer. The 2020 regular season, though, is far from the only thing impacted in the game, as the lack of fans and significant revenue loss has helped transform the MLB Draft, too, for better or worse.

With college and high school seasons also having ceased and the ability of scouts to track players being nonexistent, how this draft plays out is as up in the air as it has been in years. Add in that the draft itself has been reduced to a comically small 5 rounds and that some teams – looking at you, Los Angeles Angels – have already announced the furlough of their amateur scouting staffs, and June 10-11 are going to be rather damn strange to watch.

That’s not to say there aren’t still incredibly talented prospects out there set to be drafted, of course. And with the #12 pick in the 1st round, the Cincinnati Reds look set to still have multiple solid options from which to make their first selection. While there’s been no consensus as to whom they are making their primary target,…

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