July 24, 2021

Comparing Marlins 1st-round MLB Draft picks with stars they skipped (Fish Stripes)

Obviously, you can’t go back in time. But especially when baseball season has been delayed for over two months, it’s nice to revisit what the Marlins have done in all areas over the years.

Every year, the MLB Amateur Draft is when our pastime’s future stars make the jump into pro baseball. Organizations combine analysis, odds, knowledge, and instincts to decide on the most appropriate picks. In the end, they might be picking the next Derek Jeter or the next big bust.

When it comes to the Marlins and their track record of first-round selections, how have they performed? Who have they skipped? Did they miss any obvious opportunities that could’ve propelled them to another World Series?

Let’s take a look at every first-rounder for the Fish since 2010 and other key prospects who were also on the board at the time.


Marlins’ pick: OF Christian Yelich, 23rd overall

Notables selected later

RHP Aaron Sánchez, RHP Noah Syndergaard, 3B Nicholas Castellanos

The Marlins couldn’t have done much better than this. Beyond Bryce Harper (1st), Manny Machado (3rd), and Chris Sale (13th), Yelich was still available by the time Miami had its first selection (23rd). Based…

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