July 26, 2021

Dodgers to implement salary cuts to avoid furloughs or layoffs (ESPN)

The Los Angeles Dodgers have informed their full-time employees that they will not impose furloughs or layoffs due to the coronavirus pandemic, but instead will begin a system of tiered salary cuts beginning on June 1, sources told ESPN.

The Associated Press has previously reported that the Dodgers are projected to lose $232 million this year, making them the second-hardest-hit team in the league behind the New York Yankees, who are projected to lose $312 million, due to the pandemic.

The Dodgers informed hundreds of their employees in a Zoom call Tuesday afternoon that the salary cuts — which will range from 0 to 35% or more for top executives — are being made to save jobs and prevent furloughs, sources said. Employees were told salary reductions will affect only full-time employees making over $75,000 a year.

Most of baseball’s 30 teams have pledged to pay their full-time employees through the end of May. But that commitment has softened as the shutdown has continued.

ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez reported Tuesday that the Oakland Athletics will furlough almost all of their amateur and professional scouts and about three-quarters of their player development employees. That’s on par…

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