July 25, 2021

Let’s learn about the Yankees that played just one major league game (Pinstripe Alley)

For every baseball legend, there’s dozens of major leaguers who have complete un-notable careers. In the case of these guys, those careers lasted just one solitary game.

To have some fun in these baseball-less times, let’s take a look at some of these players that had their single game as a member of the Yankees and see just how remarkable or unremarkable their careers were.

Homer and his brother Tommy, a pitcher, both had one-year major league careers with the then-Highlanders in 1912, although Tommy lasted a bit longer. Homer made his lone appearance in the final game of the season, coming in as a defensive replacement behind the plate late in play. The game ended before he had a chance to get an at bat. The win over the Senators was also the final game for his brother. However, they didn’t get a chance to play together as Tommy, who as mentioned was a pitcher, pinch-ran and never took the mound.

Hanson was and still is the youngest ever person to play for the Yankees. He was 17 years and 178 days old when he came in as defensive replacement in a 1913 game. It should be noted that he has been moved to first base from catcher, where he played his lone game, to fill…

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