July 24, 2021

Memorable Mets Game: September 21, 2001 (Amazin’ Avenue)

Without live sports to talk about, fans across the country and the world are left to reminisce about the past. SNY has been replaying some of the most storied games and series victories in Mets history. Twitter is overrun with questions from sports writers and fans alike asking people to share their favorite and least favorite [insert player/game/moment/memory here]. Over at socially distanced AAHQ, things have been roughly the same during this time, as we’ve been recalling our favorite games, and many of us have decided to write about them. Linda Surovich talked about Beanie Baby Day on May 30, 1999, while David Capobianco shared his experience at Game 3 of the 2015 NLDS.

For me, there is nothing more special than live baseball. The crack of the bat. The smell of hot dogs. The roar of the crowd during a big strikeout or a long fly ball. The sound of Lazy Mary after the seventh inning stretch. Seeing Mr. Met strolling around the park. The immediate high after seeing a Mets win. Baseball season to me is as much about going to Citi Field, or traveling around the country to experience a game in a new park, as it is about just watching the Mets play on television and agonizing…

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