July 25, 2021

MLB draft 2020: Dodgers preparing for a shorter, but still deep draft (True Blue LA)

LOS ANGELES — The Dodgers, like every other major league team, have much smaller MLB Draft boards than they are used to at this time of year.

The draft is only five rounds, thanks to MLB cutting off its nose to spite its face. The league trimmed the draft down from 40 rounds, and deferred 90 percent of signing bonuses in the name of saving money — on average, the bonus pools declined by just under $1 million per team, so relative chump change — and setting the stage for potentially dropping roughly a quarter of minor league affiliates by 2021.

MLB ignored the immense long-term benefits of acquiring dirt cheap young talent that the draft offers — the normal draft, not this stripped-down gaunt version — to save a buck in the short term.

“It’s probably the deepest draft in the last five years, especially in the first round,” Dodgers vice president of amateur scouting Billy Gasparino said on a conference call. “The college pitching group and the high school hitting group are really strong. It’s a strong draft overall.”

With such a sparse draft comes revised rules. Normally a team’s bonus pool, derived from the total of slot bonus values for their picks…

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