July 26, 2021

PSA plays MLB The Show: What happened to the Twins’ offense? (Pinstripe Alley)

The Minnesota Twins rode a juiced ball and revamped offensive approach to become one of the top slugging teams in all of baseball in 2019. The squad ranked second in wRC+, runs scored, and ISO, while setting the single-season HR record with 307. They were projected to continue that in 2020 — regardless of a less-exciting pitching staff, Depth Charts pegged them to be the second-best lineup in the game. After signing Josh Donaldson to what should be one of the best value FA deals of the winter, all signs pointed to performance likely meeting projections.

So far in our MLB The Show simulation, Minnesota lags back in third in their division, largely because that offense hasn’t carried over into 2020. The team is ninth in runs scored, but outside the top 10 in MLB in home runs, slugging and hits, outpaced in all categories by Cleveland, the Royals and the White Sox.

Look at the projected 10 best hitters in the Twins’ lineup, comparing their sim’d OPS against their 2019 marks:

Only three of the ten have actual improved on their performance from a year ago, with other guys taking huge steps backward.

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