July 25, 2021

The Flyby: Underappreciated Boston Red Sox Talents (Over the Monster)

This past weekend, I asked you all to tell me your most underrated and/or underappreciated Red Sox players. We only had one participant, but they did overtime work for the good fight.

Rick Miller – Scarecrow13

What they said: He was always there, he was reliable, he got on base a lot, he had no power, and he had a mustache… a good one. He played multiple years in Boston. While he was never the sexiest player on the field (mustache not-with-standing, you be the judge), he was one of the most reliable ones, and least celebrated ones.


Rich Gedman – Scarecrow13

What they said: For a brief period of time, Gedman was among the top catchers in all of baseball. He played well offensively… but he was an excellent defensive player. But it wasn’t meant to last. Misfortune struck, and he was never quite the same player again.

This is normally the part of the Flyby where I try to connect and write something unique in response to the prompt, but I find it difficult this week with both entries. This is because I wasn’t even alive the year when Rick Miller played, and I was born the year that Rich Gedman played his last baseball games. I have nothing to draw from because…

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