July 25, 2021

Tuesday Bantering: Jays Links – Bluebird Banter (Bluebird Banter)

Happy Tuesday.

Calgary is starting to ‘open up’. Some restaurants and hair cutting places opened yesterday. I’m of the opinion that I’ll give it a couple of weeks or so and see how the numbers look and then maybe I can get a long overdue hair cut. I do have a favorite bar that’s walking distance from my place and I’m hoping they can stay in business. We’ve been ordering takeout from them during the shutdown. I might go over in the afternoon sometime, if there aren’t many people in there. I’m not likely to go a meal time or in the evening when it is generally more busy. for a long while.

Shi Davidi has a story up about negotiations between players and owners.

While the union remains resolute on not accepting more pay cuts, one solution that might work for both parties is a salary deferral from 2020 to following years, according to Rosenthal and Drellich. But the league might still see a problem with that, the reporters say, since it could potentially only delay the current cashflow problems.

Then he talks about a player’s association suggestion that sounds similar, with the idea that the players would take deferred payments.It seems like the two…

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