July 24, 2021

Will There Be A Major League Baseball Season? (MLB Trade Rumors)

Go back to, say, Feb. 26, and a question like the one offered in this poll would have seemed unfathomable. Spring training was in full swing at that point, and there was no sign that a normal regular season wouldn’t happen. Now, because of multiple depressing realities, we’ll get a shortened Major League Baseball season at best or perhaps none at all.

If we rewind to March 13, MLB suspended operations as a result of the coronavirus. For the most part, expectations since then have been that the league’s return would depend on the health and safety of everyone involved, but now it could be money that plays a huge role in preventing a season from happening. The league and the union have recently been at loggerheads over revenues during a truncated season, and Tuesday didn’t deliver any breakthroughs suggesting they’re getting closer to a compromise.

MLB owners, who have not been open to an even split in revenues, presented a proposal calling for further reduction in pay for players….

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