July 28, 2021

Cincinnati Reds links – Mock drafts, and MLB’s latest proposal to the MLBPA (Red Reporter)

Here at Red Reporter dot com, we’ve made a habit of trying to blend humor with analysis when it comes to the sport of baseball. Our dear Cincinnati Reds, of course, have been knee-deep in a rebuild since, oh, long enough, and that kind of copious turnover and losing certainly helped warp that approach.

The 2020 Reds were supposed to be our lifeboat, however. With cash splashed and an overabundance of talent imported into that rebuilt squad, this was going to be a year, man. A year with fun and energy and with a humor that hopefully would be much lighter than in years past. We’d laugh and joke and analyze and smile about how Mike Moustakas’ dinger-binge was totally predictable, his fly-ball tendencies and high-contact power a perfect match for home games in GABP. We’d giggle at the perfect platoon partnership of Jesse Winker and Phil Ervin in LF, each mashing opposite-handed pitching with dazzling derring-do. We’d do backflips as Kyle Boddy and the Driveline team kept unlocking more magic from the right arm of Luis Castillo, while also retrofitting Raisel Iglesias into the pitch-mench he once was.

It’s May 27th, and we’ve not had that opportunity, of course. And…

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