July 28, 2021

Colorado Rockies news: The effects of math and spit on the 2020 season (Purple Row)

Sources: MLB proposal includes pay cuts for highest-paid players | ESPN

The MLB owners offered their first economic proposal to the players association today. Rather than the rumored 50/50 revenue split or prorated salaries, the owners’ plan includes a sliding scale so that the lower-paid players will have their salaries cut by a lower percentage than higher-paid players.

A player who makes league minimum ($563,500) would make $262,000 for an 80-game season, or approximately 46% of his previously agreed-upon salary, and the pay cuts would increase (percentage-wise) from there.

So how would this affect the Rockies? Here are a few examples:

Players are reportedly not enthused about this proposal.

‘I’m Still Gonna Spit’: MLB Players Are Facing a New Reality | Sports Illustrated

The owners’ proposal also came with a number of health and safety guidelines, including limited access to indoor batting cages, weight rooms, and trainers, along with no showering, no touching, no hot and cold tubs, and no spitting. Charlie Blackmon has some thoughts on that: He’s still going to spit. Maybe not on purpose. But spitting is going to happen.

Which 15 Players Should The Rockies…

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