July 28, 2021

How Royals payroll would look under the owners’ proposal (Royals Review)

Owners have presented players with a modified pay arrangement that would include a sliding scale, cutting salaries more at the top end, according to Jeff Passan at ESPN. Players had already agreed back in March to cut their salaries in relation to the number of games played, so with an proposed 82-game schedule, players will receive half of their 2020 salaries. But with fans unlikely to be able to attend any games, owners have pressed the players to accept further cuts to make up for the lost revenue.

Under the proposal, owners would divide salaries into tiers. Players in lower tiers would retain more of their money, while those at the upper end would take bigger cuts. This would be in addition to the pro-rated salary cut the players are already taking.

So, for example, Salvador Perez was due to earn $14.2 million in base salary this year. Under the agreement the…

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