July 28, 2021

How the Rockies payroll would look under the owners’ proposal (Purple Row)

Major League Baseball’s owners presented the MLB Players Association with its economic proposal Tuesday.

When baseball initially halted spring training due to the COVID-19 pandemic in March, there was a “good-faith” agreement for players to receive full prorated salaries—but this was contingent on games being played with fans in attendance. Needless to say, fans will not be attending baseball games, at least not at the beginning of the shortened season.

Under MLB’s proposal, 2020 salaries are scaled in this manner, according to Jeff Passan of ESPN:

· $563,501 to $1 million paid at 72.5%

· $1,000,001 to $5 million paid at 50%

· $5,000,001 to $10 million paid at 40%

· $10,000,001 to $20 million paid at 30%

· $20,000,001 and up paid at 20%

Players are expected to reject this proposal, Passan writes.

Here are how things would look for Rockies’ players:

Rockies’ 2020 Payroll Under Owners Proposal

Player 2020 Salary Pro-rated salary Owners proposal Percent cut

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