July 26, 2021

Latest BA mock has the D-backs taking Cade Cavalli and Isaiah Greene (AZ Snakepit)

Carlos Collazo of Baseball America has released his latest mock draft (Version 5.0) and have expanded the mock to include the picks from the Competitive Balance A Round. That means we’ll get to see two mock selections for the Arizona Diamondbacks, at 18 and 33.

Here’s how it turned out:

In this scenario the Diamondbacks don’t get either Crow-Armstrong or Hassell, two sweet-swinging center fielders who fit their typical profile. Perhaps in that scenario they pivot to one of the better college arms available in Cavalli, who has been mentioned in the 10-12 range at times.

As mentioned in the snippet, Crow-Armstrong and Hassell don’t make it to the Diamondbacks pick at 18, although I wouldn’t be convinced the Diamondbacks take either guy given their redundancy to previous Day 1 selections Daulton Varsho, Alek Thomas, and Corbin Carroll. Cavalli makes more sense if available to the D-backs at 18 given the team’s starting pitcher depth in the system are mostly #3-5 starters in a contender’s rotation. I have him as one of ten players to watch for at the D-backs top selection in the draft. I’m a bit skeptical that he’ll be available at 18 in the first place as I…

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