July 28, 2021

MLB makes tiered salary reduction proposal, per reports (Lone Star Ball)

MLB and the MLBPA have been engaging in discussions about playing a truncated 2020 season. While health and logistical issues are major parts of the negotiations, the biggest rub appears to be financial — owners want players, who have already agreed to pro-rate their 2020 salaries based on games played, to take a further pay cut. Players are, understandably, reluctant to do so.

Multiple reports indicate that MLB made a their first formal proposal today on the financial arrangements, which involves players seeing their salaries being reduced on a sliding scale, with higher paid players giving up a greater percentage. Jon Heyman breaks it down on Twitter here, here and here.

There’s a couple of ways to look at this. One way is that it means the lowest paid players are suffering the least damage from this, and the majority of players are not having their salaries dropped that much. It is a lighter hit to the bulk of players than they would face if there were a flat percentage reduction applied to everyone.

The other way is that ownership is asking its players, who have already agreed to what will likely be a 50% pay cut due to their salaries being pro-rated, to take an…

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