July 26, 2021

MLB owners’ reported first salary proposal to MLBPA falls flat (True Blue LA)

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association are still far apart in negotiations for restarting the 2020 season, per multiple reports.

The initial proposal made by owners Tuesday called for drastic pay cuts for players in addition to the pro-rated salaries both sides agreed to on March 26. But in addition, the cuts are tiered, which has the potential to cause a rift in the union.

Jeff Passan and Jesse Rogers at ESPN broke down the details:

Let’s use a few Dodgers as examples. Mookie Betts has a $27 million salary for 2020. A pro-rated salary for an 82-game season would be roughly $13.67 million. But under the owners’ reported proposal, given the tiers above, Betts would get about $6.5 million, or 47.6 percent.

On the lower end, Julio Urias has a $1 million salary, which is just over $506,000 pro-rated over 82 games. Given this proposal he’d get roughly…

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