July 24, 2021

MLB The Show 20 simulation: Spencer Turnbull earns second win of season (Bless You Boys)

Like many of our friends throughout the SB Nation network, we are simulating the 2020 MLB season with MLB The Show 20. While we are unable to stream the games as they would otherwise be happening, we will try to get ahead of the curve and post about the games on the same day they would have taken place. Or, you know, at least get them back on schedule. Now, onto the recap!

It took them a little while, but the simulated Detroit Tigers eventually plated enough runs to get by the Seattle Mariners via a 4-0 victory at Comerica Park on Tuesday evening. Just like real life, the simulated version of Spencer Turnbull has suffered from a serious lack of run support; despite a 2.04 ERA for the season, this was just Turnbull’s second win on the year.

The Tigers didn’t break through on the scoreboard until the sixth inning, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. They put multiple runners on base in both the first and second innings, only for a hard-hit ball to find Seattle leather. In the first, Jonathan Schoop’s sharp grounder with two runners on went straight to Dee Gordon, who turned an easy inning-ending double play. In…

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