July 25, 2021

Oakland A’s will stop paying minor leaguers at end of May; one pitcher responds (Athletics Nation)

With the coronavirus pandemic now consuming the first two months of the 2020 MLB season, and no concrete plan in place for the resumption of games, the Oakland A’s began making cost-cutting moves on Tuesday. First came word that they would be furloughing many full-time employees, and then Jeff Passan of ESPN added a report that they would also stop paying their minor league players.

All MLB teams had previously committed to paying their minor leaguers a $400 weekly stipend through May 31, but with that deadline approaching in a few days, the A’s have elected not to continue those payments. The players will still receive health benefits for now, and they remain under contract with the Oakland organization.

These moves by the A’s now put them toward the forefront of slashing personnel costs during the pandemic, and make them the first club to completely shut out their minor leaguers. However, Passan notes that “other decisions from organizations should arrive in the coming days,” implying that other teams might make similar cuts.

Regarding the minor leaguers, Passan offers the following context: “Just some rough math. Say there are 200 players in a minor league…

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