July 26, 2021

Protecting 15 Braves Players in Hypothetical Expansion Draft (Talking Chop)

Believe it or not, we would be approaching the 40% completion mark of the regular season if not for the COVID-19 disruption. As we sit here today longing for baseball, I thought it would be fun to borrow an idea from MLB Trade Rumors: if a hypothetical MLB expansion draft were to happen tomorrow, which 15 Braves would you protect?

Any player currently in the organization would be up for grabs, whether they were the backup catcher in Rome or a player signed this past winter like Marcell Ozuna or Will Smith. All contracts and service time apply. Keep in mind any players the Braves lose would immediately impact a hypothetical 2020 or 2021 season (and beyond). Here would be my 15 players protected:

Ronald Acuña Jr. – This one doesn’t take too much thought. Elite player, great contract, only 22 years old.

Ozzie Albies – Similar to Acuña, Ozzie’s blend of talent, contract and age make him one of the top assets in the game.

Freddie Freeman – Arguably the game’s best 1B and under contract for another two years on a team trying to win now. Feels like a life-long Brave.

Mike Soroka – Another no-brainer, Soroka is coming off a fantastic year and is under cheap control for…

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