July 28, 2021

San Francisco Giants mock draft roundup (McCovey Chronicles)

Welcome to the third iteration of the 2020 MLB Draft mock draft roundup. If you missed the previous versions, you can find 1.0 here and 2.0 here.

We’re drawing close to the draft, which takes place on June 10 and 11. The shift from 50 rounds to 5 — a response to the coronavirus pandemic — will have a huge and unfortunate impact on the draft this year, but for mock purposes not much has changed. Mocks typically only cover the first round, and that won’t be all that much different this year, although teams and scouts will have less info and footage to work with (and teams who have furloughed or laid off scouts will have fewer brains in the room).

As we get closer to the actual day, mock drafts typically start to narrow their focus and get a little more accurate. The latest crop of mocks is starting to point towards the San Francisco Giants selecting prep catcher Tyler Soderstrom.

I’ve made my thoughts on the draft clear a few times, but to repeat: I am firmly in favor of taking the best player available rather than drafting from need. The fact that the Giants have a franchise catcher in Buster Posey, with a highly-touted prospect waiting in the wings shouldn’t…

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