July 26, 2021

Snake Bytes: 5/27 – MLB Submits Financial Proposal, Players Balk (AZ Snakepit)

Players Balk at MLB’s Proposed Salary Cuts

MLB officially submitted its financial proposal for consideration by the MLBPA. To say that it did not go over well would be a gross understatement.

Cubs Claiming 70% of Revenue Comes from Gameday Operations

Claims such as this one made by Tom Ricketts are at the heart of the matter. The entire player compensation model makes negotiating this sort of season difficult enough to begin with. When all 30 teams each have their own way of assessing revenue and their own debt concerns, the complications spiral out of control quickly. If one of MLB’s biggest franchises cannot pay the bills in a shortened season, there is more than just one problem to be faced.

Torey Lovullo Still Optimistic

“The bottom line is, and the common denominator is, that they are talking, there is discussions and both sides want to get something done, but we know this is a process.”

One Major Risk to Restarting Baseball – Having to Stop Again

Baseball doesn’t just need to begin the 2020 season sometime soon, it needs to be able to play a World Series as well. If/when the season does start back up, can MLB weather the potential storm if the virus spreads…

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