July 26, 2021

Snake Pit Sim Season: 5/26 – Slick Nick to the Rescue (AZ Snakepit)

A quick look at the box score tells almost all that needs to be said about this contest between the division rival Arizona Diamondbacks and the San Diego Padres. With both teams running neck and neck in their chase of the Los Angeles Dodgers, there was plenty riding on the outcome.

Neither team was able to get much of anything going in the way of offense. For the Padres, Luis Patino had a terrific start. The young right-hander threw six shutout innings, allowing only three hits. The only real blemish on Patino’s outing is that he walked four batters in addition to giving up a paltry three hits. Those three hits came at all the wrong times to push a run across though. The first two came as back-to-back singles with two out in the first. The final hit came when Christian Walker lined a one-out double into the center in the fourth. Two of the four walks issued y Patino came in his final inning of work. A failed sacrifice bunt and a routine GIDP made short work of…

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