July 24, 2021

Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: We’re talking about practice (D Rays Bay)

There have been reports that MLB had presented the MLBPA a proposal on player pay yesterday (this in addition to the proposal on health protocols distributed earlier) that included some hefty payroll cuts. (Just to clarify — players have already agreed to pro-rate their salaries dependent on the number of games played, so these reductions come off already pro-rated salaries). Jeff Passan is reporting that the owners are proposing a sliding scale of pay cuts, with the highest earning players losing a larger percentage than the players at or slightly above league minimum. The pay scale, he says, looks something like this (it’s the second table, that compares owner proposal to pro-rated salaries, that is most useful):

The MLBPA calls this a non-starter. To be clear, they object to pay cuts altogether.

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