July 24, 2021

The Spotlight Player Under 25 for the Baltimore Orioles: Austin Hays (Baseball Essential)

The 2020 Major League Baseball season still has a big question mark attached to it. The MLBPA and the owners are still working to hammer out a deal that both sides will be happy with to bring forth something resembling a baseball season.

Several cities and fan bases are itching to see their team take the field with hopes of competing for a chance at a World Series championship, albeit in a shortened season. In other markets, however, the return to baseball is far less enticing due to the team’s short-term outlook, and such is the case for the Baltimore Orioles.

The only silver lining that came from yet another last-place finish in 2019 was the fact that, unlike the 2018 season, the Orioles somehow managed not to finish with a record-breaking number of losses. The franchise is in the midst of one of the longest and most challenging rebuilds ever seen in the sport, and fans are being asked to stay extremely patient while the powers that be reconstruct the roster and farm system.

Although the Orioles are likely still five or more years away from contending once again, there are still plenty of bright spots to look at that should give the fans some hope for the future. One of…

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