July 23, 2021

Boston Red Sox News: Pedro Martínez, Trey Ball, Jay Groome (Over the Monster)

Rob Bradford writes that baseball should be worried that the emotions around their possible return are turning to apathy. (Rob Bradford; WEEI)

John Tomase can’t choose either side in this battle. (John Tomase; NBC Sports Boston)

What’s your favorite home run ever? (Chad Finn; Boston.com)

Minor League Baseball issued a warning to its teams not to try to get out of any agreements they have in place. (Michael Silverman; Boston Globe)

Jay Groome leads a group of prospects whose scouting reports have been updated by Sox Prospects. (Mark Hanoian; Sox Prospects)

The Athletic’s Red Sox writers held a draft of a recent era of Red Sox players. (The Athletic)

A former Red Sox pick makes ESPN’s list of busts from the last decade. (David Schoenfield; ESPN)

Ian Browne looks back at one of the biggest games of 1986. (Ian Browne; RedSox.com)

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