July 28, 2021

Dodgers news: Ross Stripling on balancing stockbroking and MLB (True Blue LA)

This morning’s links are very heavy on Ross Stripling and finances, and not just because he got $1.5 million of his $2.1 million salary for 2020 as a signing bonus.

That turned out much more advantageous than expected, with only $600,000 subject to whatever cuts the owners and players eventually agree to. The original benefits included the time value of money (getting more of it up front is always better), and that his signing bonus is taxable where Stripling lives in Texas, where there is no state income tax.

Stripling talked to Ronald Blum of the Associated Press about his financial background, which included getting a stockbroker’s license while rehabbing from Tommy John surgery in 2014. Stripling works during the offseason for B. Riley Wealth Management. Blum asked about Stripling’s job interview:

“He didn’t know if his arm was going to recover or not, so he started to look at backup plans in case he wasn’t able to pitch,” Matthew Houston recalled. “When he came in for the interview, he had a folder about an inch thick of handwritten stock reports and we sat down with him with no intention of hiring anybody. And before we knew it, we were: `We’ve got to…

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