July 26, 2021

MLB v MLBPA – Now what? (Let’s Go Tribe)

The owners’ latest proposal to resume baseball activities, which will slash the most money from the most highly-paid players, appears to be designed to create maximum ill will among players towards the owners and possibly between well-paid players and those making much less.

With each successive round of “negotiation” I feel less sympathy for both sides. Rich ballplayers making millions of dollars more than the average fan declare that the millions they are making are not sufficient. Rich owners who have not shared an ever-increasing pool of money with the players in the good times are insistent that the players must feel the fiscal pain now that hard times have hit. It’s like Spy versus Spy writ large.

Meanwhile, both sides have forgotten the First Rule of Holes – when you are in one, stop digging.

Indians News

Here’s what the MLB owners’ salary proposal would do to the Cleveland Indians’ payroll – cleveland.com

Francisco Lindor and Carlos Santana are the Tribe’s highest-paid players. In a normal 162-game season, they would both make a base salary of $17.5 million. On March 26, after the season was delayed, the owners and players reached an agreement in…

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