June 22, 2021

Diamondbacks Part Ways with Coles, Hinske (AZ Snakepit)

It sort of came out of nowhere. Then again, anyone who has been following the Diamondbacks’ struggles this season could argue that the move has been a long time coming. Regardless of how one views the situation, the fact remains that the Diamondbacks have moved on from both their Hitting Coach, Darnell Coles, and their Assistant Hitting Coach, Eric Hinske. For the time being, the team has named Reno Hitting Coach Rick Short, and Run Production Coordinator Drew Hedman as co-hitting coaches for the parent club.

Short has been with the club for a while now, having worked variously in coaching and scouting positions since 2010. Hedman comes from the Red Sox organization (raise your hand if you didn’t see that one coming), where he played from 2009-2012. This is his third season as Run Production Coordinator for the Reno Aces.

Coles’ time in the desert was a bit of a roller coaster ride. He came over to…

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