June 22, 2021

Mariners cannot defeat league’s worst bullpen, lose 8-3 (Lookout Landing)

The Tigers entered today’s game with the American League’s worst bullpen by fWAR (-.2) and ERA (5.25). Therefore, it would stand to reason that, despite their inexplicable prostration in front of one of the worst teams in baseball, the Mariners should have stood a good chance at earning a win on the Tigers bullpen day. Alas, thanks to a poor outing from Justus Sheffield and the Mariners much-more-vaunted bullpen and an even poorer outing by the offense, this was not to be. You will notice a distinct lack of highlights in this recap. That is because, outside of Mitch Haniger taking advantage of the short porch in Comerica Park’s left field (345 feet), there are none. This was just a real stinker, guys.

With below-average velocity on his fastball, Justus’s command has to be near perfect in order for him to get ahead in counts and be able to get to his putaway weapon in his slider. Today showcased what happens when Justus doesn’t have his good command; he consistently fell behind batters, even after initially getting into good counts, and missed his locations, leading to inflated pitch counts—almost 50 pitches to get the first six outs. The slider wasn’t working…

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