July 25, 2021

Six Pack of Stats: Minnesota Twins 7, Chicago White Sox 2 (South Side Sox)

The Chicago White Sox could not put together consecutive, epic comebacks to win tonight’s game against the Minnesota Twins, so the series ends in a split.

The Starters

Dylan Cease was not really bad tonight. Unfortunately, his fastball was not working, and some damage was done before Cease shifted to the slider, which worked some magic. Through five innings, Cease gave up three runs, seven hits (one a solo home run), and two walks. He only struck out five, which is a bit low for Cease, especially considering his previous, 10-strikeout outing. However, that is what happens when one’s best stuff is not there.

Ultimately, Cease battled and was an inning short of a quality start. His 92 pitches can be summarized like so:

Baseball Savant

Michael Pineda also went five innings, but was more efficient than Cease. He only gave up four hits, one run, and one walk. He struck out three, so contact was aplenty tonight.

His 73 pitches break down like so:

Baseball Savant

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