September 28, 2021

Brewers 7, White Sox 1: Fear & Loathing in Milwaukee (South Side Sox)

Welcome to Wisconsin, friends! Be sure to hit up the Jelly Belly Factory and the Mars Cheese Castle this weekend, one of which is disappointingly not made of cheese (up to you to pick the disappointment). Hopefully our manager is up on the differences between the AL and NL, so let’s get to it.

Freddy Peralta started the game lights-out, but on the flipside, Lucas Giolito didn’t look nearly as smooth. Either way, both pitchers got out of the inning unscathed. Peralta was a little shakier in the second, giving up a one-out double to Andrew Vaughn and then walking Leury García. Adam Engel grounded out and then with an intentional walk to Zack Collins, Giolito was up to bat. He struck out, because this is a National League game and don’t we all love the Get an Out Free card.

Giolito was shaky in the fourth. With one out, he loaded the bases for Rowdy Tellez by giving up two singles and a walk. Giolito’s changeup had been failing all night, and Tellez tagged Gio for a one-run single. Two fly outs later, the inning ended with the bases loaded and a 1-0 score. It could have gone better, but it also could have gone worse so … draw?

Peralta, on an innings limit for the…

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