September 28, 2021

The ace has returned: Phillies 2, Braves 1 (The Good Phight)

One of the most criticized athletes in the city was on display Sunday. Aaron Nola has been the object of the fanbase’s scorn this for a plethora of reasons – inconsistency, lack of vaccination, etc. It has all been deserved too as Nola has pitched poorly enough to get all of the anger directed at him. Today, though, he was magnificent, the Aaron Nola of old, the co-ace of the pitching staff. When the team needed him the most, he stepped up and delivered in a big way.

It was pretty obvious early that Nola was going to be on his game when he managed to set the Braves’ order down 1-2-3. While that doesn’t necessarily mean things are going to be great, when the team is coming off a game like they played last night, it does mean something. The issue is that the Braves also got a pitching performance that was sorely needed. Touki Toussaint went seven incredible innings of his own, making the Phillies look foolish all day long with a darting fastball, fall off the table curveball and excellent command of his own.

Offense was tough to come by today, but the Phillies were luckily able to get one across when Jean Segura opened the scoring for the day in the fourth with a rocket…

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