September 28, 2021

There’s something nostalgic about this Cubs/Reds series (Red Reporter)

The search term ‘Bryant Rizzo’ yields 43 full pages from the Getty cache alone in SB Nation’s photo files. There are 8 photos per page, too, and I didn’t even dive into the USA Today set.

Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo have formed the backbone of the Chicago Cubs we’ve come to know for most of the last decade, the club that eschewed their century-old curse and brought a World Series title back to the north side. As the Cincinnati Reds belly-flopped into their deep, dark rebuild, those Cubs rose to the top of the National League Central division, finally becoming the behemoth that their big market and national brand suggest should’ve been around long before.

Ben Zobrist has walked away from the game of baseball already. Kyle Schwarber – who is from Middletown – joined Jon Lester in exodus to the Washington Nationals. Theo Epstein, meanwhile, has taken up residence in baseball’s commissioner’s office, anxiously awaiting his chance to put his stamp on the game as a whole after brilliant stints with Chicago and Boston before. There were cracks in the dynasty before this season, is what I’m saying, but the Bryant/Rizzo core surrounded by Javy Baez and Kyle…

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