September 28, 2021

Missing out on Anderson is tough, but not the end of the world (The Good Phight)

Tuesday afternoon, the Phillies thought they had a trade in place to acquire Tyler Anderson from the Pirates. By Tuesday evening, that deal was off because of a bad physical review from one of the players reportedly headed back to Pittsburgh, and Seattle swooped in to nab Anderson before a different trade could be re-worked. It’s a shame for the Phillies that something couldn’t get done, but it’s also not the end of the world.

Anderson would have fit exactly what this team needs: a mid-rotation starter that can go for longer than five innings at a time. We have seen the struggles they have had getting bulk innings from their #4 and 5 starters, hardly any of them demonstrating the ability to even get into the fifth inning, let alone passed it. Matt Moore’s start on Tuesday night underscored just how bad this team has missed on evaluating the talent they thought they had brought in this offseason. In their eyes, signing Moore and Chase Anderson, coupled with retaining Vince Velasquez for one more go ‘round, to them felt like enough quality depth that they would be able to get through the season and be in contention for a playoff drive. While it didn’t take long to…

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